katykay32 asked:
HI, my birthday is coming up and me being the dork i am, I want to do a journal type of party thing but I have absolutely no ideas besides that. Google has no ideas either. Help?


Okay that is the cutest freaking idea I’ve ever heard and I’m really sorry if I’ve gotten to this question so late that your birthday has come and gone. (Happy birthday!!)

Okay. Journal type of party thing…let me think.

  • little notebook party favors (Compendium Inc makes super cute decorated/themed memo pads and they currently have a sale on them — each is only $1! their shipping might be expensive, I’m not really sure…but worth checking out.)
  • notebook cake (I’ve seen all kinds of specialty cakes all over the internet…I’m sure some people can do one that looks like a Moleskine or whatever)
  • give everyone a calligraphy pen and teach them how to write their name all fancy (and at the end of the day, they can keep the calligraphy pen!) — could turn it into a cool arts and crafts project by getting a bunch of pennants or picture frames or signboards and turning their calligraphy-name into something they can take home and hang on their wall
  • pin the…pen on the…Moleskine?
  • depending on your audience, you could watch “Harriet the Spy”
  • decorate the space with printed out quotes from famous writers on writing or journaling
  • play the game Exquisite Corpse! (this is one of my favorite games ever — it’s hysterical and ALWAYS good for parties)

There’s a variety of ways to play Exquisite Corpse, but this is my favorite one (and the one that yields the most raucous laughter):

  • Everyone in the group sits in a circle and starts with a clean sheet of paper and a pen/pencil
  • Round #1: Every person writes a phrase at the top of their paper. It can be real, funny, ridiculous, dirty…whatever.
  • Round #2: Pass the paper to the person next to you (always keep the direction consistent). When you receive one, read the sentence and then draw it. Do the best you can. Then fold the top of the paper over so the sentence isn’t visible, only the drawing is.
  • Round #3: Pass the paper again (with only the drawing visible). Now each person looks at the drawing, and tries to write a phrase/sentence/description based on the drawing. Fold it over so the next person will only be able to read your sentence.
  • Round #4: Pass the paper, read the sentence, draw it.
  • It’s basically like playing the game “telephone” but you’re trying to convey a simple message even though the medium keeps changing — each person only sees what came immediately before it and has to interpret it in a new way.
  • It means that once you get to the end and are holding your original paper, you get to unfold it and watch the ridiculous chronicle of perversions as your original phrase has gotten mutilated beyond belief. Share out loud. Read the sentences, display the pictures to the group, take turns going around the circle. Good times.
  • and best of all: you get to ask for so many notebook-related presents! journals and pens and post it notes and markers and calligraphy pens and index cards and highlighters and composition books and planners and washi tape and stickers and 5-year sentence-a-day journals and everything you could possibly want :)


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