six hundred !! wowza. i made this blog primarily to satisfy my desire for the two dimensional loves of my life and i never imagined i’d get even fifty followers, much less six hundred. 

here’s a little giveaway i’d like to hold in honor of my followers who have really done so much for me this past year — thanks for putting up with my shitty days, shitty selfies, and shitty text posts.

school is unfortunately right around the corner so why not soften the pain with some cute korean back to school swag ?? 8)

what you’ll win : 

  • a pencil case of your choice (you can pick one of the five featured here, or talk to me afterwards bc there’s so many varieties that i couldn’t get a picture of all of them)
  • (2) really fucking kawaii mechanical pencils (they come in a lot of designs and are very high quality! so long as you don’t bang them against walls or something)
  • (2) pens, colors of your choosing (these have a hella fine point and write gloriously and comes in colors from black to aquamarine)
  • (1) cute case of lead (thickness of your choice)
  • (1) eraser (not pictured - there’s a lot of varieties so you’re gonna wanna talk to me about it)
  • pack of vitamin highlighters (looks like this)



  • mbf me! this is a giveaway to thank my followers.
  • reblogs only! likes will not be counted and honestly i don’t know if tumblr even counts multiple reblogs anymore but if it gives you joy then do as your heart desires idk
  • no giveaway blogs, please! 
  • the winner will be generated through and must reply within 48 hours to claim it! otherwise i will pick another person.
  • the winner will be chosen on August 29th, 2014 at 11:59 PM



  • anyone can enter!
  • if you are under 18, please have parental consent before giving me your address.
  • shipping is covered, both US and international 
  • any questions can be directed to my ask
  • good luck and thanks for participating !!